Open311 dashboard & CitySDK
May 3, 2012

Compared to Birmingham’s Civic Dashboard, that uses a customer service centre’s data to visualise issues arising in the urban environment, the Open311 platform developed by Code for America is a more advanced software that has since been open sourced.

The Open311 platform aims to provide a standards-based API (“GeoReport” api) which mobile applications for instance can tap into. Via its interface, the software enables citizens to post non-emergency queries directly online. Originally the Open311 Dashboard focused on issue tracking for potholes, damaged street light, vandalism. In the context of the SmartParticipation stream of the pan-European research initiative CitySDK ((CitySDK project. Participation (Accessed on 2nd Dec 2012, accessible at: )) its functionalities will be expanded to include various city departments.

The Open311 Dashboard could have the potential to augment urban change (planning issues) if connected to platforms such as AllOurIdeas, which was employed by New York City to find suggestions for how to make the city a greener place.