Application and interface design: I have substantial experience in conceptualising and designing interactive web applications, including a range of methods for user research and prototyping. I am interested in easy-to-understand and clean user interfaces that conform to user needs. I enjoy the versatility of sticky notes, voting stickers, pens, etc in stakeholder workshops.

Most of this experience relates to work I do at PlaceChangers. At PlaceChangers, I have managed design sprints. We have devised a public engagement platform for urban planning and construction. Through additional R&D projects, we have also branched out into related use cases, such as in the tracking of development land.

Prototyping: My software skills concentrate on the process of creating visuals and prototypes. I am very capable of using Sketch and Invision together to devise interactive application prototypes that can be used in user research. I also get to produce materials for workshops and vector graphics art for our website. More recently, I learned Blender, a 3D modelling and animation suite useful for basic architectural renders.

Review and system evaluation: I have a good grasp of completing complex consultancy projects. More recently I undertook an evaluation of the user engagement processes in a large IoT project. This involved devising a strategy to evaluate a large number of documents and conduct stakeholder interviews remotely.

If you need application development, prototyping, or a review of your service or processes, please get in touch to discuss.

See also: PlaceChangers Ltd.