Bespoke by design?
January 11, 2018

After writing about the value of standards in certain aspects of the public planning system, particular in the housing land supply assembly ((The need for) civic data standards in the UK), today I went to an interesting talk by Mark Smith (Service Innovation Lead at Gateshead Council) here at Newcastle’s Business School (link here). The talk […]

The emergent ecosystem of civic data Recently I have been working with housing land supply data as part of a project with the Future Cities Catapult. From interactions with five local authorities in the North of the UK, it appears as if there was a need for more consistency in the way land use data is handled. Presently a lack of […]

Data and governance

It has been an eventful week. On Monday, Apple presented the latest member of their product line-up, the iWatch. It’s by far not the first write-bound wearable out there as Apple’s competitors, Samsung, LG, Pebble, Motorola, all came much before [see here]. Nonetheless much hope has been vested into Apple’s capacity to jumpstart yet another […]

The Internet represents the first ever ‘planetary machine’ build by mankind. Its scale and extend is so vast, that it enables the development of platforms of global extend. Some obvious examples are Facebook’s global social network, Wikipedia’s platform for collaborative peer production, and even the NSA’s collating of global mobile phone locations. The scale and […]

In the past months, I’ve focused on research in urban planning as my primary research context. There are many aspects to the process of urban planning, including planning for traffic, for housing supply, for aesthetics and well-being, for local economic growth. Each aspect demands somewhat unique skill set, methodologies, processes, people, and technologies… Looking into issues between property developers, the political administration, and […]