Innovating in the urban

The emergent ecosystem of civic data Recently I have been working with housing land supply data as part of a project with the Future Cities Catapult. From interactions with five local authorities in the North of the UK, it appears as if there was a need for more consistency in the way land use data is handled. Presently a lack of […]


In recent days visiting Hanoi in Vietnam, what’s been popping up in my mind is the role of mapping in creating and furthering meaningful engagement in urban planning and the material contexts that planning problems are often relating to. As such, I haven’t directly discussed the role of mapping in my PhD thesis, which was more […]

Tagging the city
November 21, 2015

Tagging has become a part urban places Often unnoticed, tagging has become part of urban life. Imagine your work day. If you use the subway, a machine takes your paper ticket or searches for a matching signal from your RFID-enabled ticket. You check in to work, setting off a timer while opening a access door as you pass […]

Networks of knowledge
November 17, 2013

How many times have we found a profound, inspirational, or well-crafted text and were amazement by the skills of the writer? How many times have we briefly imagined travelling to a bygone past if we found out its author had already passed away? Each year, a huge amount of new books are published. According to Wolfram Alpha, authors in the UK alone […]

The annual Ubi Summer School in Oulu has emerged as a forum for future Ubicomp researchers. In 2013, it was attended by more than 80 doctoral students from 18 countries. That year’s summer school focused on the paradigm shift towards ubiquitous computing technologies applied in public places, i.e. outside of the home or workplace. At the school, I attended the “urban resource […]

In the past months, I’ve focused on research in urban planning as my primary research context. There are many aspects to the process of urban planning, including planning for traffic, for housing supply, for aesthetics and well-being, for local economic growth. Each aspect demands somewhat unique skill set, methodologies, processes, people, and technologies… Looking into issues between property developers, the political administration, and […]

Choosing a research direction
May 7, 2012

Working across the disciplines of computing, information systems, and design has been an interesting challenge and created tensions with regard to the further direction of my research. Most recently, it became necessary to make a choice and define key theories and assumptions which will form the basis of my research. Based on a position paper I co-authored recently, […]