Sebastian is an educator and entrepreneur. At Newcastle University, Sebastian is lecturer for digital civics at the School for Architecture, Planning, and Landscape. As a founder and director at PlaceChangers Ltd, he focuses on supporting people develop and maintain meaningful relationships to the places they care about.

He completed a PhD at Lancaster’s Doctoral Training in Digital Innovation (“HighWire”). Sebastian is knowledgeable of bottom-up participation in urban development set in the context of the many new online platforms, particular geospatial platforms, that have emerged in recent years. He has undertaken several in-depth ethnographers of information systems in urban planning; and undertakes user research involving with residents, urban planners, city administration professionals, property developers, and ‘techies’ of different domains of computing. He has presented my ideas on the role of digital infrastructures for large-scale participation at different events in the UK, USA, and Denmark.

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Innovation (“HighWire”). Funded by the EPSRC, the Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Innovation (“HighWire”) is a £5m collaboration between the Lancaster University Management School, the Imagination, and the School of Computing and Communications. The centre’s mission was to “create innovative people for radical change in the digital economy” that are fit to contribute to the challenges and opportunities that come with increasing digitalisation of society. Lancaster University has been ranked as a top-10 university in the UK. Lancaster is located in the North West of England, close to the beautify lake district national park.