Innovating in the urban
November 18, 2016 via Twitter

If you are a practisioner, esearchers, designers, data scientists working with urban data, see this call for abstra……

November 11, 2016 via Twitter

@The_Shreeve Foundation Coffee House is great and the other ones Vanessa listed — and also the Grindsmith Cafe

August 9, 2016 via Twitter

On Aug 8 we overshot what Earth can replenish in a year & 3 bn people still to come till 2050: We need to build more sustainable cities.

April 18, 2016 via Twitter

Getting ready for a little mapping experiment tomorrow morning

April 6, 2016 via Twitter

Looking forward to revisiting a familiar design method w the new book on sprints – in respect to #DigitalCivics.

March 17, 2016 via Twitter

RT @SimplyDoug1987: Elon Musk Speech – ‘The Dumbest experiment In History’ #Forward

January 22, 2016 via Twitter

@van_tho @HighWireDTC Thank you!


In recent days visiting Hanoi in Vietnam, what’s been popping up in my mind is the role of mapping in creating and furthering meaningful engagement in urban planning and the material contexts that planning problems are often relating to. As such, I haven’t directly discussed the role of mapping in my PhD thesis, which was more […]

January 5, 2016 via Twitter

RT @TechCityUK: UK Govt. wants your opinion on #UKDigiStrategy! Join @edsaperia & @nwspk meetup tonight:

Tagging the city
November 21, 2015

Tagging has become a part urban places Often unnoticed, tagging has become part of urban life. Imagine your work day. If you use the subway, a machine takes your paper ticket or searches for a matching signal from your RFID-enabled ticket. You check in to work, setting off a timer while opening a access door as you pass […]

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